If we could see each others thoughts

The thinking goes that our ancestors millions of years ago evolved to have an ability to think about the past and future which made it possible for us to predict dangerous situations, or remember past events which harmed our people. And that today this gift is mostly a curse as it leaves us constantly shifting our thoughts from the past to the future. And this doesn’t leave much time to think about the present. We lose our focus in this teetering of then and when, never now. Which definitely is true, finding a centered state of mind is something the vast majority of humans leave for the monks, nuns, surfers, and brain surgeons, well at least some of them. It only lasts for short moments after intense preparation, and only during the moment of execution. The rest of the time we’re all just a bunch of fog heads really. Too deep in the ideas of what may happen, what did happen, and we are only able to wipe our asses, to chew our food without biting off our tongue, to make proper sentences, (I still can’t do this) because we memorize things, we learn actions, expected responses in conversation, and we do the expected with some muscle memory and the comfort of knowing that after a moment of focusing on the now, we can get back to thinking into some other place and time.

Imagine what the world would be like if we could see a little screen above our heads, constantly flickering the images, words, scenes, and sounds that are passing through their mind as they go on about their lives semi-consciously about us. Some of us would go to jail, others would lose our jobs, certainly many awkward moments would occur – “excuse me sir maybe you should come back a little later when your thoughts have passed… And then there would be beauty. Thoughts of childhood, loved ones, wishes & hopes, the lighter more approachable side of people that would bring us closer, have a more sensitive touch with each other, and find more common bonds. It’s a world I would enjoy for a day, though perhaps too intense to be in for long periods of time, lest we all just learn to zone out each others thoughts, and to clear our minds of anything too personal until we believe ourselves to be alone.