What is the Perfect Human?

Does it wake at 7am, beginning the day with 10 minutes of yoga, drink a mug of green tea and then a short pause for meditation? After reading some poetry and making a simple healthy, sustainable breakfast, does it go for a hike, or climb a very tall tree… something similar to the quest of a hunter gatherer?

When it defecates, does it squat? To clean, if by shower will it only use cold water? Speaking of water, how does the human use water sustainably? Is all the water from the sink, toilet, and shower pipes recycled? How is its energy generated? Are there a super powerful solar panels on its roof that can absorb 200X more energy from sunlight than current photovoltaic solar panels?

How does it get exercise? Does it lift weights or go running? Or do resistance workouts? Does it ever sit down? Or is it always in motion?

Where is its social life coming from? Does it read books? Or listen to audio? Or perhaps communicate telepathically? How about sex life? Is it in a monogamous relationship? Does it live in a congested city or a spread out village? Perhaps completely alone in the wilderness?

How often does the perfect human eat? Is it even eating or does it take pills, and do jaw and digestion work outs to mimic the experience and loads on the body of eating and digesting food? Does the perfect human drive a car? Or ride a bike? Or use a public transportation system? Maybe it flies with a jetpack? Maybe it rarely leaves its home except when on foot, or longer journeys for regularly scheduled mental development outings.

Does it take care of it’s food production? Or spend time on a nearby farm supporting the local agriculture? Maybe the perfect human has invented means of food production that don’t have the same flaws that our current methods do, faster, cleaner.


Humans have come a long way from hunting animals and living in caves to survive. They’ve evolved as all other species beyond many flaws of the mammals they descended from. But along the way they got a little too comfortable, and made a lot of new processes and devices that are shortening how much longer they can sustain their own species, and making their time while alive less enjoyable, not to mention cramping the lives of thousands of other species in the process if not simply running them off the face of the earth all together.

A perfect human would in theory, not have a negative impact on the ecosystem it lived in. Its lifestyle would have a net positive result on its own physique, instead of deforming its body, it would be in constant state of equilibrium. The food it produced would be healthy, and not leave a scar on land and atmosphere.

Humans’ pursuit for life, liberty, and happiness, should include the pursuit of sustainable living for themselves and the environment around them. Everyone drop should drop their latte, turn off the TV, and start to look at life as a jigsaw puzzle, one that has been thoroughly scrambled, which only comes together solved when all the things we do, come from sustainable sources, and leave the planet better than it was before we were smart enough to muck it up.