14 months ago I had just accepted an offer to join the founders team of a startup company in Berlin as a Product Manager. The company had 9 employees, a business model that actually generated cash with each conversion, and the team was clearly able to produce results and take the risks needed to trail blaze a small angel funded company into a massive industry dominator.

Since then we’ve closed two more rounds of founding, tripled our number of customers, achieved an important milestone of contribution from our marketing, discovered new and exciting levers of to increase our traffic volume, and survived a number of critical tests needed to find new ways to grow. It’s been a great ride, I’ve loved just about every second of it despite any of the drawbacks that come with being a founder.

Today I’m thankful.

I’m appreciative for the people who took a chance on me, for my friends and family who supported me through a period of my life where it’s probably not always been easy to keep a relationship with me, for the employees and partners who trusted us and gave us everything they could to help realize our dream, for the customers who were willing to try a new customer acquisition model with us, and for the people who found our product useful and allowed us to wow them.