Unexpected Rewards of the Internet

For New Years Eve / Zuzanna’s birthday we found a nice hotel in Meissen, Germany, a town known for its porcelain, wineries, and its fairy tale like old town center complete with a grand castle “Albrechtsburg” which dates back to the 15th century.

While we didn’t hold back in finding the nicest possible room & hotel in town (which really didn’t cost as one would imagine), our hotel, the Park Hotel Meissen, still felt modest. For sure, it was beautiful from the outside, elegant on the inside, the spa offered several different sauna rooms, beautification and massage treatments and a giant room with a direct view over the River Elbe and the castle, but our room wasn’t outfitted with any of the extra amenities that are sometimes expected when shooting for top quality at a hotel. The space was enough for us, the fixtures were good quality, working, and working, and one of the walls of our room looked out over the entire property, which certainly felt nice. But anyhow, keeping humble, we were happy with what we had and didn’t think about it again.

The next day however, while looking over the fire escape route and floor plan, I noticed we had the largest room on our floor. It was a funny elbow joint shaped room; the building made a very broad “V” shape, and our room was directly center where the two wings met. To fill out the odd shapes this resulted in, our room had a lot of extra space where all the others have a very consistent rectangular shape. It was also clear our room was larger than the others, and when looking at it from the outside, was also easy to see we had the best view with our floor to ceiling windows. So the next thought for me was, why us?

I came to my own conclusion on this final question, while viewing the rest of the guests around us, primarily folks in their 50’s 60’s and 70’s, all speaking German. We were most likely the youngest guests by at least 20 years in the fairest of cases, and for that, probably also the most Internet literate. What’s more I’d used my booking.com account which by now had a long history of bookings around the world, in 4 different continents, and usually leaving a review for the hotel. Without knowing what their business account view on my booking was, I would guess they had some idea of the likelihood of my writing a review and also of the potential I would pass along some kind of word of mouth or better yet, share photos online in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

We also booked 2 massages and facials at the Spa, so perhaps the room selection was a reward for the additional value our stay promised the hotel.  And of course this may have all just been random, no preferences given in the room we received. But was it really?