New Best Friend Syndrome

Do best friends go to the same place as lost socks? Is there a planet somewhere far away where all of those people go. The ones I met on a random night out, who turned out to be “my new best friend”, but then never spoke to again? I’m calling this NBFS (new best friend syndrome).

I can think back over the years to many instances of NBFS. We met, became pals immediately, exchanged numbers, friended on facebook, took selfies – everything we said to each other was funny like some missing glove re-found of an all encompassing awesome bro-ship.




Going through the lost connections reminds me of hilarious moments and commitments to teach each other about all those great artists, parties, and food I’d never experienced. I felt lucky to have met someone who would graciously offer to share valuable information, with a smile and words of comfort and laughter.


Yet, somehow, we never connected again. The buzz wore off, the smiles were replaced by moans and blood shot eyes. Streams of texts from just hours earlier read like transcripts between two hilarious but impossible characters in a cheap production comedy flick. Photos of being passed out in bathtubs, or apparently even other new best friends in the making whom I really couldn’t remember.

Where do they go? How many other temporary bonds did they make to be unfulfilled? Friends are an investment. It takes time, commitment, finances, communication, planning, and dedication of memory. It would be no fun to give up on said new best friends, even when all the symptoms are clear as day, a positive diagnosis for temporary NBFS. Perhaps that’s why they usually appear after the 3rd drink.

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