When Problems Are Treated Like Seeds

Problems nag at us. They fill our thoughts, like a weed, growing up in between the things we deem important. They bother us, take attention away from what we want to think about. Many of us procrastinate, allowing the weed to grow, to form roots and eventually crack the foundation of the ground they formed under.

Others treat these problems like weeds, and hit them with some weed killer, applying toxic chemicals to take away the possibility that they become a strong life in the place where they coincidentally found refuge. Possibly introducing new poisons to our ecosystem.

Some problems can be treated not like weeds; growing up between cracks, but like crops. Perhaps they don’t present danger, perhaps they wont make things ugly. Maybe they are the spirit of new birth in our life, forming in the dark corners, conceived while we were looking in the other direction. And if we give them enough time to get past that seedling stage, provided they don’t offer any imminent danger, they will develop into a flower, or a hearty stalk. Something that can be used, or perhaps something that changes the way we perceive ourselves. Creating new life were there were only particles. The zygote of creation working it’s magic on our very own lives.

If we keep a passive eye on our problems, so long as they aren’t progressing into something bad, letting them mature, we can understand if they are actually a problem, or something new, beautiful, enlightening. We can reap the assets of those problems, as they in fact might not be problems, but diamonds in the rough. When the time is right, we can harvest them, make them into something great, grown organically in the backyard-chaos that is our lives.

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